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About Us

Taking your athletic performance to the next level

Alti2ude is a high-performance gym dedicated to getting the most out of the athlete in us all. Whether you’re a cycling pro, elite athlete, in a climbing group or a passionate weekend warrior, Alti2ude has the facilities and expertise to make you the best athlete you can be.

Created in 2017 by West Australian Tracey McVeigh, Alti2ude gym is located in Myaree, 15 minutes south of Perth. Alti2ude  boasts the largest publicly accessible high-altitude training facility in W.A., and at 50m², it can accommodate up to 20 people at a time, catering to the needs of individuals, groups and clubs.

Alti2ude also houses a high-performance gym with best-in-class equipment and a team of highly credentialled sports scientists and coaches performing evidence-based programming and monitoring.

At Alti2ude, we believe that high-performance training is an attitude and approach that delivers sustained and superior power, strength and conditioning for anyone with a mindset and commitment to achieve their fitness goals.

High-Performance Training For
Every Body

Alti2ude is not your regular gym. Four key features set us apart from the pack and give you all the tools you need to push bring out the absolute best in your athletic performance.

Athletes benefiting from Altitude training

Climbers | Trekkers | Cyclists | Basketballers | Golfers | Footballers | Runners | Gym Enthusiasts | Triathletes | Seniors | Olympians | Amateur | Swimmers | Rowers | Hockey Players

From the SAS and Navy SEALs to leading sports clubs in the AFL, WRU and EPL – and champion cyclists, basketballers and golfers, altitude training has long been recognised as delivering enhanced training performance. Once only the domain of elite sporting professionals, altitude training is now (cost effectively) available for everyone.

Altitude training

Altitude training works by conditioning your body to perform at lower levels of oxygen. This encourages various metabolic and physiological changes in your body, bringing about an increased VO2 max, enhancing power reducing fatigue and allowing for more in less time, with less pain.

Read more about altitude training.

Evidence-based programming & monitoring

We believe that goal setting is a core element of high-performance training, which is why we offer a tailored and structured evidence-based training program along with ongoing performance monitoring and measurement.

Read more about our programming & monitoring.

Membership options for individuals or groups

Our membership packages reward long-term commitment and encourage the use of facilities for off-peak periods through further discounts.