Each month we will be featuring one of our clients on our “Real Result” page. Our first feature is on one of our most committed clients Kelly Chester! Kelly has been in almost every single day since we opened our doors and has made tremendous improvements in her day to day fitness, strength and endurance. Click HERE to read our Q&A with Kel.
If you’re looking for some false advertising quick fix “FAD GYM” then Alti2ude is not for you. Although, if you’re in the market for 50+ years of world-wide scientifically proven training, then look no further. From the moment you step into our Altitude room your body is already starting to make positive changes. This same philosophy doesn’t stop just in the altitude room, our power & strength section is filled with the top of line lifting & sports specific equipment, helping you achieve real results.
Real health and fitness results achieved through altitude training

Simulate natural EPO

Synthetic EPO (erythropoietin – a hormone that signals the bone marrow to produce red blood cells) is illegal in all sports. However, altitude training has been shown to stimulate the production of natural EPO, which has been deemed legal by WADA. Through altitude training, you will see an increase in the number of red blood cells. This increase in red blood cells improves the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to the muscles.

Substantially increase the length of time to exhaustion

Altitude training allows you to increase your measure of time to exhaustion substantially. V02max is the maximum amount of oxygen you can use during intense exercise. When training at altitude, your oxygen delivery rate increases and your body’s demand for oxygen decreases. This shows that your body becomes more efficient – enabling you to get the same results with less intensity.

Time-efficient training

When your training time can decrease (while still being equally effective), there is a reduction in the stress on your muscles and joints.

This makes it ideal for those undergoing rehabilitation and recovery. Further, when training in an hypoxic environment, your ability to transport oxygen to the damaged area increases.

Increased metabolic rate

An increase in your metabolic rate makes the body more effective in using your fat stores. When training at altitude, the body starts to burn fat stores immediately, ensuring a greater overall weight loss effect.

Decrease in your resting heart rate

A decrease in resting heart rate will occur due to your increased fitness levels from training at altitude.

Increase strength and power

Hypoxia (altitude) training can help increase strength and power. There are two types of fibres in the body: one requires oxygen (type I), while the other (type II) does not. Training at altitude can help recruit the type II fibres which are responsible for strength. In hypoxia, you can train these fibres to increase strength.