Kelly has been one of our members since the very first day we opened the door. At 33 years old Kelly is an avid fitness goer who has dabbled in most forms of fitness/exercise ranging from netball & football, running, hiking and all other aspects of training. Since joining Alti2ude Kelly has tried every class from every instructor, taken advantage of solo sessions in and out of the Altitude Room and has committed herself to 2 Personal Training sessions each week to help her get the most out of herself and her evidence based program.

We thought Kelly would be the perfect candidate as our first “Real Results” feature as she can really provide an in depth review of Alti2ude High Performance and what we can provide. Without further ado here is our Q&A with Kelly Chesters.

Q. How has training at Alti2ude helped your day-to-day fitness?
A. I have more energy, sleeping better, recovering better

Q. How has training at Alti2ude helped your performance in your specific sport(netball)
A .Improved my jumping ability and short sprint efforts, strength overhead (rebounding), overall endurance and ability to continue running throughout the whole game

Q. How has our evidence based programming helped you develop your fitness.
A. Program was developed to improve general fitness and improve netball. Particularly the lifting program has resulting in overall strength, power and muscular enduring gains, evidenced by my netball performance and improvements in lifting

Q. What are the biggest changes you have experienced since training at Alti2ude?
A. Improved strength, power, speed, endurance, changed physique

Q. What is your favourite class at Alti2ude and why?
A. HIIT circuit – love a good cardio smashing, strength circuit – spices up a standard weights session, incorporates the altitude room and caters for everyone

Q. Do you think the Altitude Room has had a direct impact for your fitness levels?
A. Yes most defiantly. My resting heart rate has lowered and I am reaching greater intensities in my training which is allowing me to perform at greater intensities during netball

Q. Going forward what would you like to achieve with the help of Alti2ude High Performance Gym?
A. Decreased body fat, continue to improve my strength power and speed, and overall general fitness and well being

Q. What do you enjoy most about the gym overall?
A. The altitude room adds another dimension to my training which I can’t do anywhere else, the approach to strength training is something I haven’t experienced before and am really enjoying it and seeing results

Q. Would you recommend altitude training and training at Alti2ude to others?
A. Yep, I don’t stop!