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Group Fitness

Short, intense group fitness classes to inspire peak performance. Run by specialist coaches & suitable for all fitness levels. Motivating, challenging – and lots of fun!

Choose from a series of diverse, time-efficient sessions including boxing, rowing, cycling and core – all overseen by our specialist coaches.

All our group classes are held in the altitude room and set between 3000 – 3500m. You’ll be using the very best equipment, carefully researched and chosen for their proven ability to give you the best workout possible.

The importance of oxygen

In sports performance, oxygen is all-important. When your body can no longer deliver enough oxygen to your muscles, fatigue sets in. Training at altitude improves oxygen delivery and use, so you’ll become fitter, faster.

Prepare yourself for short, intense workout sessions, then look forward to feeling fantastically energised for the rest of the day, thanks to the healthy boost in serotonin and dopamine!

If the 'high' symbol is next to a class, this means that class will be predominantly run in the Altitude room.

Group Classes

Super HIIT

Cardio based class incorporating maximal efforts with minimal rest times (beginners to advanced)

Strength Class

Targeting all major muscle group, this class is focused on big movements and moving some serious weight (beginner to advanced class)

Summit Session

Set at the highest altitude of all our classes (4000-4500m) expect a general predatory phase approach – using non-traditional conditioning exercises (intermediate to advanced)

Yoga Fusion

Incorporates a dynamic vinyasa flow with elements of core strength and stability work through Pilates movements. Working to engage movements that are controlled and mindful and developing bodies that are more aware and mobile (beginners to advanced)

Weight Lifting

A tight knitted class (capped at 10) focussed on Olympic weightlifting (WL), utilising full WL and WL derivatives to improve technique and boost your snatch, clean & jerk.


Designed to condition the whole body, expect to be challenged physically & mentally with the use of military style equipment, calisthenics, partner resistance exercises, circuit and high intensity interval training (beginner to advanced class)

Alti2ude Boxing

A solid cardio workout, boxing at over 3000m above sea level. This class has you working in partners, belting out boxing combo’s to improve your overall endurance, coordination and strength (beginner to advanced class)

HIIT Lite (non-altitude room)

Like its bib brother Super HIIT, HIIT Lite gives you a full body workout using the functional gym area. You can expect cardio and resistance exercises with periods of work and rest. If training in the altitude room isn’t your thing, this class is the one for you! (beginners-intermediate)

Saturday Circuit

A mix of our Strength & Super HIIT sessions (beginner to intermediate)

Endurance/ Steady state class

A class oriented in working different cardio training zones, including aerobic capacity, lactate threshold and sustainable or maximal power. This is your traditional style of cardio and you can expect submit to challenging effects of the room (intermediate to advanced)



Standard classes include: 10 min warm up in gym; 30 min in Altitude Room; and 5 min cool down.
Classes are subject to change, please check MindBody for the most update to date information.