We believe that goalsetting is a core element of high-performance training. And we support this by providing a tailored and structured evidence-based training program – and ongoing performance monitoring and measurement.

Our 12 week programming is included in our Platinum membership. However if you have our regular membership or the 10 class pack you can purchase a 12 week program separately. This includes 1 hour trainer consultation for fitness testing and measurement, goal setting and program development. This is reviewed on a 4 weekly basis so we can slightly alter the output to support your physiological improvements.

We support our clients by:

  • developing personalised training programs (usually 12 weeks), incorporating simulated altitude and conventional gym training
  • providing guidance and coaching based on realistic health and fitness outcomes
  • providing ongoing monitoring, recording and feedback on performance – for motivation & program development
  • maintaining detailed client records over the life of the membership: client goals, fitness levels, program strategy, performance, fitness progress
  • integrating with other health professionals, e.g. coaches, physiotherapists, dietitians